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Day 6: Bass Ackwards (2010) Review

Bass Ackwards

Starring: Linas Phillips, Davie-Blue
Directed by: Linas Phillips
Rated NR

Oh what a hard time I had getting through this movie. I thought this film would be a sure fire winner with me given my love of independent films and road movies, but now I’m just dumbfounded by the praise I’ve seen this film receive.

The film is the debut of writer/director Linas Phillips, who also is the star. There isn’t much of a plot persay but what little I gathered is that Linas is a slacker/wannabe filmmaker who gets kicked out of his apartment and dumped by his married girlfriend. He then sets out on a cross-country road trip in a modified VW van meeting some eccentric characters throughout. (think Little Miss Sunshine except not touching or funny)

To be fair, the movie is easy on the eyes, Linas incorporates a documentary feel by shooting most of the footage handheld with a HD camera getting some beautiful scenery shots. The music is also some great indie rock juxtaposed with the driving scenes. It’s the characters that make the film uninteresting. Linas is not a particularly enjoyable character, with a Galifianakis beard and v-neck t-shirts, he mumbles his emotions behind a creepy murderous grin. There are some inspired moments that do work especially when Linas interacts with another person but it ultimately takes too long to get where it’s going and does little when it gets there. Linas Phillips does have potential as a filmmaker and this film is a good showcase for his cinematography and direction but it’s story falls Ass Backwards on itself.

Rating: 4/10


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