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How did this get made? #3

Here’s another edition of “How Did This Get Made?” Summer is approaching and many trailers have been premiering. Some awful & generic, some intriguing but so outlandish you can’t help but wonder how the studios approved it.

Case de mi Padre:
This film completely came out of left field and it’s hard to believe it’s a theatrical film and not a funny or die parody trailer. Will Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez in a completely spanish speaking role within a movie plot straight out of a telemundo soap opera. The trailer is Grindhouse-ishly stylistic and features alot of money shots but couldn’t help but make me giggle hearing Ferrell speak Spanish. The movie is also elevated by Spanish acting powerhouses Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. The movie looks ridiculous and could potentially be awful, but a concept this weird may end up being brilliant.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

I’ll admit it. I’m not an ape movie enthusiast. Blasphemy I know, but aside from “Congo” and “Dunston Checks in,” I’ve never gotten into movies about monkeys. While “Planet of the Apes” is sacred sci-fi territory, I can’t get too excited for this unnecessary prequel which is an excuse for a bunch of CGI apes to terrorize popular city locations. Even the presence of James “I star in every upcoming movie” Franco feels out of place. Until I see more, this weirdly titled film is a B movie with an A-list budget. Although I may just see it so I can write a review full of Monkey puns, but even that idea isn’t “a-peel-ing.”

Speaking of monkeys, I can’t help but think of them when Taylor Lautner gives his down-syndrome style dramatic glare into the camera. Maybe he should have been cast into the “Planet of the Apes” movie. Instead he has been cast in a generic “Bourne Identity” for Tweens. Lautner does have skills but has yet to prove to me his worth as a memorable action star. The movie stars Lautner, as a teenager who goes on the run after he discovers his picture on a missing persons website and some shady men try to kill him. The premise is intriguing but the trailer is generic PG-13 action fodder and instead of being a conspiracy thriller looks like “Unknown” lite. It’s even directed by the Legendary John Singleton. I’m not sure what went wrong, but the trailer is two minutes and i skipped through it.


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